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I love using my voice to bring written words to life through narration.

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With a commitment to being responsive and reliable, I take pride in delivering professional-grade narrations on any project. I strive to capture the author’s vision into a unique audio experience.


I'm open and responsive when it comes to receiving feedback from authors and editors. I understand that by working together, we can bring your story and characters to life through audio.


With years of experience in the reading business, I have narrated over 8 published books and counting. My work has been enjoyed by readers of contemporary and erotic romance genres. Want "spicy"? I've got that covered!


Boasting a range of abilities, I can bring any story to life with my storytelling. From enchanting romance tales to motivational self-help books, let me add some extra sparkle, emotion, and finesse to your work!
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Paranormal Romance

The Infernal Blade Series

Author: Jewels Arthur
Author Website >

Claimed By The Alien

Nessa Claugh
Author Website >

Contemporary Romance

The Rendezvous Series

Author: R.L. Kenderson
Read As: Elena Moore
Author Website >

A Girl Gone Crazy

Author: Becca Baldwin
Author Website >
  • The narrator did a good job, her voice fit Mara, I had no problem picturing her as a young woman. I listened to this audiobook after having read the entire series. It was not my first exposure to the series, but I still enjoyed the listen and I would imagine if it were my first, I'd be anxious to continue. 


    Infernally Marked
  • The narrator is so fantastic it's like you're really there. 

    Kindle Customer

    Claimed By The Alien
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